Wayne McKamie

Brother Wayne McKamie has been a faithful gospel preacher for many years. He produced a 15-minute radio program, “Let The Bible Speak,” for his home congregation, the Johnson Drive Church of Christ in McGregor, TX. He graciously allowed us to use these recordings for our radio program when we first started.
Here are several of his sermons. They are still powerful, Bible based, gospel sermons that present the eternal truth, pertinent to any age, culture, or generation. We encourage you to listen with your Bible in hand and “search the Scriptures” to see if these things are true. If you find them faithful to God’s word, we plead with you to accept them, obey them, and share them with others.
May God bless His word in the hearts of its hearers!

God Is (Three part series)

God Is – 1

God Is – 2

God Is – 3

Denominationalism (Six part series)

Denominationalism – 1

Denominationalism – 2

Denominationalism – 3

Denominationalism – 4

Denominationalism – 5

Denominationalism – 6

The Lord’s Supper (Six part series)

The Lord’s Supper – 1

The Lord’s Supper – 2

The Lord’s Supper – 3

The Lord’s Supper – 4

The Lord’s Supper – 5

The Lord’s Supper – 6

Steps into Christ (Five part series)

Steps into Christ – 1

Steps into Christ – 2

Steps into Christ – 3

Steps into Christ – 4

Steps into Christ – 5